Est. 1930


This historic pharmacy has been operating continuously since its first founding in 1930 and has been a point of reference for the city’s residents for many decades, under different administrative forms.

Alexis Panagakis, owner and executive director since 2006, continues to provide quality products and services to the public with responsibility and

After 9 decades in the market and with respect to modern era and our responsibility to our customers we decided to establish our modern e-shop e-sintagi in order to offer innovative online services, covering the need for a modern pharmacy that can responsibly support primary health care.

We strengthen and expand the role of the pharmacy as a modern unit for primary health services with emphasis on chronic disease prevention and support services, vaccination and counseling services.

In the context of limiting the spread of Covid-19, but also reducing the waiting time in the physical store, our pharmacy provides comprehensive online services to better serve the public

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Reduce your waiting time to the pharmacy

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Choose the day and time that best suits you and make an appointment for  vaccination

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Authenticity Check

In our pharmacy we take all measures and authenticity checks of medicines for the safety of the public.

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Our Values

Focusing to provide excellent & quality service and according to our brand reputation we have gained through years, we guarantee:


All drugs received have an authenticity code, which you can check anytime here

Safe Shopping

Our products are stored and delivered following all quality standards

Valuable Products

We supply only top quality brands and we are always up to date with new releases

Experienced Staff

Highly qualified staff is always at your service

Specialized Products

Thyroid Balance® is a powerful combination of vitamins, amino acids and herbs, without iodine, that provides the necessary ingredients needed for the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland.


Thyroid Balance

For optimal thyroid function.