MASKNE : New acne… what causes it and how can it be treated!

For many of us, face masks have become an essential part of everyday life thanks to the coronavirus. However, its regular use can have the unfortunate side effect of mask-induced acne, also known as «maskne».

What exactly causes the maskne?

According to research, the daily use of the mask for many hours as well as the constant “rubbing” of the masks on our skin, causes the growth of bacteria that can clog the pores. Inhaling through a mask also creates a warm and humid environment that leads to the accumulation of sweat, lipids and bacteria.

Follow the tips below to reduce or even avoid acne due to the use of the mask:

Wash your mask:  Masks should be washed at a high temperature and ironed after each use. If you use a disposable mask for many hours, it is advisable to renew it every 3 hours.

Use gentle skin care products: Cleanse your skin twice a day, morning and night. Prefer products without fragrance and oils but with moisturizing ingredients. With a mask rubbed daily on your skin, your skin needs to stay balanced and healthy.

Use sunscreen: Masks do not replace your sunscreen. UVA, UVB and blue light (from computers & monitors) can still damage your skin through your clothes and, yes – through your mask! So use your sunscreen daily.

Avoid makeup: With increased humidity around and under the mask, makeup can lead to clogged pores and “breakouts”. Keeping your skin clean is absolutely essential. Makeup will worsen any explosive inflammation or outbreaks. When wearing a firm mask, it is best to avoid trying new products that could potentially irritate your skin further.

Be gentle with your breakouts:
The combination of stress and mask associated with COVID will inevitably have an effect on your skin. Treat these breakouts as you normally would.

Do not forget to stay safe using your mask without neglecting your skin care.


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